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Sevda Müjgan Yüksel

She was born in Samsun in 1965.

She graduated from the Faculty of Education 19 May University Department of Turkish Language and Literature Teaching.

She completed his master's degree at Marmara University Institute of Turkic Researches with his thesis entitled "Child and Youth Problems in Child and Youth Literature on the works of Miyase Sertbarut".

She started teaching in Gaziantep.

She worked in Gaziatep, Tokat, Bartın, Ankara ve İstanbul for 28 years.

She continues to the Drama Leadership Certificate Program of the Contemporary Drama Association and the Photography and Cinematography Department of the Anadolu University Open Education Faculty.

She lives in İstanbul and continues to work.

Sevda Müjgan Yüksel's first book was published in 1996.The author has written nearly 50 books so far.